by Laserprint Tech.


Welcome! This is a corporation of a new world.

Digital download avaliable from B O G U S // COLLECTIVE!
In 2017 coming on tape

"Dreamcasting" (Official Music Video)

Future. The reality and digital world is a whole piece at last. People are having sci-fi technologies but mostly lives like nothing special never ever happened at all since their birth. However many and curious special science squads are aknown with many facts of human world a bit deeper and still trying to understand the whole picture of their existance. When they started living like this after the first web union and why does the world became like that. Their main purpose is to hack the hidden storages that locates in different sides of their dual galaxy. Will they discover more important details of truth to protect or destroy this symbiosis or will they be fallen into oblivion after getting into restricted areas of a cruel digital universe?


released November 7, 2016